Jefferson County, AL

**  CHAPTER 9 PLAN FILED ON JUNE 30, 2013  **

Related Orders entered on August 7, 2013

NOVEMBER 22, 2013


On November 9, 2011, Jefferson County, Alabama filed the largest municipal bankruptcy in the history of the United States (at the time - the City of Detroit's filing became the largest Chapter 9 case on July 18, 2013). 

This site provides information about the case, including:

  • A timeline of events leading up to the filing
  • Comparative information about other Chapter 9 bankrutpcy filings
  • Facts and figures related specifically to the Jefferson County bankruptcy case
  • Resources for more information about Jefferson County and the bankruptcy court process
  • Information about Waller’s team of attorneys who have been heavily engaged in this case both before and after the filing

We will be updating this site regularly as developments occur.